international government affairs

Harnessing our extensive network in Asia, we are able to offer you personalized and comprehensive reporting into the latest regional developments and the evolution of governmental policy. We also act as corporate lobbyists, discretely representing the interests of several international clients.

business development

Dr. Reckendorfer provides results-orientated business development solutions, including creating business plans, marketing support and local representation or partner introduction.

mergers & acquisitions

We advise our clients on the full gamut of M&A opportunities in their specific market and desired region. Our firm offers extensive support through every step of the process – from target identification to structuring, refining and communicating a proposed deal to stakeholders.

asian market entry

Drawing upon our long and varied business experience in Asia, we offer you hands-on support including (but not limited to) market research, opportunity assessments and incorporation for your company’s Asian launch.

supply chain optimization

Our combination of manufacturing know-how and Asian expertise has led to the provision of supply chain optimization solutions. We support you in achieving significant cost savings by collaborating with you to rethink your processes and relationships.