creative thinking

As truly “out of the box” thinkers, at Dr. Reckendorfer we utilize our entrepreneurial flair, extensive business experience and vast contact network to achieve the optimal outcome for our clients.

tailor made solutions

Business problems both complex and global by nature cannot be tackled with generic services. We offer tailor-made consulting solutions that match your business needs in the context of rapidly developing business environments. We treat every client as a unique case, taking the time to thoroughly understand your unique business and individual circumstances.

business partners

We are much more than just consultants sitting on the sidelines of your business. Dr. Reckendorfer only takes on projects we believe in and can be fully vested in as your trusted business partner. When feasible, we are open to participating in new ventures with our clients, thereby becoming business partners in a very literal sense.

embedded consulting

Our hands-on approach extends to the boardroom itself. Dr. Reckendorfer acts as representative and “embedded” consultant for many of our clients. In such cases, we are always available when you require our expertise.